HUGE Cantu Giveaway!

I am back with another giveaway!! (Expect weekly giveaways this month!)

This week is the launch of the chance to win 2 Cantu products!

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Sleek Top Knot Bun Tutorial

Have you guys seen my latest hair tutorial? It all started back when I posted this picture on Instagram

A lot of you guys wanted to see how I created this compact top knot bun with sleek edges so here you go!

Also check out my first edition of 'Hair & Hip Hop' my new weekly Instagram video series where I will be making 1 minute hair tutorials with some of my favourite hip hop beats in the background. Hip Hop is LIFE to me so I am so excited to share my passion of both that and hair.



BeCliShea Giveaway

The lovely team at Clishea are giving 1 lucky winner the chance to get a moisturising hair kit! You can check out their range of natural hair products here, https://www.clishea.co/

For a chance to win you must..

1. Follow @beclishea on Instagram
2. Comment on my post, https://www.instagram.com/p/BXbLquDANrf/?taken-by=ukcurlygirl tagging 2 people
3. Finalise your entry with your email address via this link, bit.ly/beclishea


Attention UK curlies, the website states you will have to pay for postage BUT please ignore this as Clishea have kindly offered to pay for the shipping so you will receive the prize with no fees if chosen.

Good Luck!



CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly Review

Back with another tutorial! I love sharing new products with you all as that is one of my most FAQ, What products should I use??

Today I am sharing a great curl styler from CURLS and it is from their 'Blueberry Bliss' line called the 'Curl Control Jelly'. I am not a fan at all of applying gel to my curls during a wash and go but this 'Jelly' is more of a gel/cream which leaves no flakes!

I have tried the Blueberry Bliss line (minus the Jelly) for finger coils a few months back and fell in love with the smell of the products! This time watch as I use the product for my typical wash and go routine, ending up with big defined curls.

I advise that you use a leave-in conditioner (like the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave-In Conditioner) before applying the Jelly as for my type of hair I feel the Jelly needs a boost of moisture before styling. 

The jelly has amazing organic ingredients like Blueberry extract, Olive oil and Argan oil! It also is packed with antioxidants and vitamins A,C,E and B Complex! Your hair is in great hands.

The full collection is available to purchase from the below retailers

MyLuxeBeauty https://myluxebeauty.com/collections/curls 

Target https://www.target.com/bp/curls 



'First Lady' Garlic Oil 1st Impression

I was sent a garlic hair oil by 'First Lady' which is a brand that has a full range of oils from Argan, Olive, Jojoba and more.

Garlic oil has great benefits for natural hair including, 
  • Preventing hair loss
  • Fighting dandruff
  • Faster hair growth
  • Strengthens the roots

I used the oil as a pre-poo treatment, which is basically detangling and moisturising the hair before you go ahead and shampoo. This helps to soften the hair and prevent further damage during the wash process. It's also a great way to stimulate your scalp, moisturise it and promote hair growth.

I first applied a generous amount of the oil to my palms and began applying it in sections to the scalp and then downwards to the rest of my hair whilst slowly detangling any knots.

Once each section had been oiled and detangled I gathered all of my hair together in a bun and applied a shower cap to my hair for 40 minutes (You can add heat at this point if you want a hot oil treatment.).

After the 40 minutes I definitely saw a difference, my scalp felt soothed and no long dry/itchy and my hair was stretched and really soft! I then went ahead with shampoo, deep conditioning and styling a wash and go.

I won't see the growth benefits of the Garlic oil until a few months of using it but I am convinced to try it as a prepoo as I noticed my curls were very moisturised after styling also. 

Check out my full tutorial and results here!



'Noughty' Product Review

Introducing a NEW natural hair line available in the beloved hugely accesable 'Superdrug' store in the UK! Yes for once we have a line that is ours and 'not available in the US (Just yet!). I was lucky enough to be approaching by 'Noughty' as I had never heard of the brand before but am soooo happy I was able to try. 

The brand has a number of product lines with catering to different hair needs. I asked for the 'To The Rescue - Moisture Boost' line as I am a fan of moisturising products. I was given the Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in so I could test out a full wash day.

The brand also have the collections, 'Rise & Shine - Everyday Shine', 'Care Taker - Scalp Soothing', 'Wave Hello - Curl Defining' and 'Detox Dynamic - 2-in-1 Detoxifier'

Here are my thoughts on each product (keep reading to watch how my hair took to the leave-in!).

'Moisture Boost' Shampoo

First impressions were good as I felt the texture of the shampoo in my palms before applying to my hair. It was soft but also thick which I could feel straight away that it was going to be moisturising as it looked like a conditioner. The product lathered a tad but left my hair detangled and moisturised without the sticky stripped feeling you can get with other shampoos (I am convinced it is 97% natural!).

'Moisture Boost' Conditioner

Again good impression the conditioner was thick also and was easy to apply to my curls. It didn't have the best slip however my hair was damp (due to filming, I wasn't applying in the shower). I feel like you would have to use a lot more product to get the slip you really want. At just £6.99 I am sure you can be ok with over doing it!

'Intensive Care' Leave-In Conditioner

As you know, my favourite part of the routine is applying the leave-in conditioner, this is make or break for me when it comes to products! Straight away I was impressed by the products slip, it didn't feel like it had a chemical film to it and was easy to detangle with. My curls soaked up the moisture straight away and left my hair defined.

The craziest part was that I only used this on my hair, no other leave-in and my hair was still defined, moisturised enough and soft!

Demo Using The Products: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWIj8YlAvGY/?taken-by=ukcurlygirl

All in all I am VERY impressed by these products and amazed at how stores like Superdrug have transformed by allowing natural hair brands in! (Not to mention the gorgeous mixed curly girl as the face of the brand!).

However I was a bit let down that the packaging was smaller for this product as I really could have done with more of the leave in that the Shampoo and Conditioner (#CurlyHairProblems). 

I am also sceptical at how cheap these products are!! 

All at £6.99 each, is this a prank!? Definitely go and try it out yourselves!



BioKari DIY Hair Butter Review

BioKari Review

BioKari is a service that allows you to create and customise your own whipped Shea Butter with a recipe chosen by you, for your needs. They have a range of mixtures ranging from body butters to hair masques. With the box you are given all of the tools and ingredients needed to be able to mix your own butter (Something you probably have always wanted to get round to doing yourself but never do). 

This was just like me! I find whipped butters so much easier to apply to the hair and body as they are softer then plain Shea butter. Really great concept and different to any other box style products on the market. 

With Biokari I was directed to the website to look through their different box options. I looked at the hair masques that included certain oils good for certain purposes. I chose the 'Essential Elixir' box which is a mixture for a mask to help dry and damaged hair (but I mainly chose because it included the lemon scent, which is a favourite of mine!). 

This box included, 

100g Shea Butter 
30ml Avacado Oil 
30ml Olive Oil 
5ml Lemon Scent 
x1 Empty pot 200ml (for the whipped butter) 
x2 Sticky labels
x1 Whisk

 At first I had no idea where to start but luckily the BioKari website has a great video step by step that you can follow,

 Making the whipped butter took no long than 15 minutes and was so easy!

You transfer the Shea Butter to the empty pot and apply the oils with a table spoon or 2 of each oil, mixing with the whisk in-between.  The Shea Butter then changes colour and becomes more like a whipped cream texture when it's ready! (I mixed my butter on a warm day so it was already soft for me).

 Here are my final results! I am so happy I was able to try and even learn about this brand as I now know how to make my own butter and feel so proud that I can now use something that was whipped up by me for my hair/skin!

The only downsides to this product are if you don't want to go through any effort of making your own butter and would rather buy it ready made, the website isn't too easy to read or navigate around, it may be out of your budget at £27.

 All in all I enjoyed the whole experience of making my own butter, it felt as if I was in control of something being used on my body as I went through all of the steps to make it!

 You can order your choice of box from the Biokari website and follow them on social media @biokari 

(The website is in another language so make sure to press translate to English when it appears on your browser)



Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 Masque Review

It's holiday season! Which means heat! Great for us wanting a nice break on the beach and in the sun, however this can leave a bad effect on your hair!

My recent holiday left my hair feeling very dry! My wash and go's would dry and frizz up a lot faster than usual, so when I got back from holiday I turned to the Superfruit masque to give my hair the tender loving care it needed.

The Superfruit Complex collection from SheaMoisture, I discovered last year and instantly fell in love with the line, its design, scent (very sweet and fruity) and its moisturising formula. The masque has now become my favourite masque from the brand and always works wonders on my hair when it is in serious need of a revamp.

As it is a masque the texture of the product is MUCH thicker than any other product from the Shea UK lines, even thicker than the Coconut & Hibiscus 'Curl Enhancing Smoothie.' When applying to the hair, you almost feel as if your curls won't soak it up. 

After washing and conditioning (with a rinse out conditioner) apply the masque to your hair (a small amount goes a long way so try not to use the whole tub!). Make sure that every part of your hair is saturated in the masque.

Next you want to finger detangle your hair whilst its damp and moisturised (the best time to do so). 

Once you are all detangled it's time to twist your hair into a bun and cover with a shower cap. I like to go the extra mile and wear my heated cap for 40 minutes with this masque to get the FULL benefits. The ingredients such as Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Mango are great for infusing moisture into the hair.

Once rinsing out with cool water I was left with soft, light and moisturised curls! This product never fails to revamp my hair and I have recommended it to friends with more kinkier hair types and they also love it! 

10/10 from me!!

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?



Perfect Twist Out ft. LottaBody Coconut & Shea Oils

I was given the chance to work with LottaBody as they launch their new shampoo and conditioner! Their 'Coconut & Shea Oils' line I was really impressed by especially when styling a twist out! My results were amazing, check out the steps I took below.

I started with the moisturising shampoo, which was really thick in texture similar to a conditioner which made it also really moisturising when used on my hair. I didn't feel a weird film on my hair after rinsing out and my hair didn't feel dry at all.

Next I went in with the moisturising conditioner, which again was thick in texture but really easy to glide through the hair and detangle with. It has a really sweet smell (I have been told it smells like Apples!). 

Next I rinsed it out using cool water, and squeezed out the excess water with a T-Shirt which helps to prevent frizz! Semi-drying your hair will help to allow your hair to air dry faster (as you don't want to wait forever or in my case use a diffuser.).

To style, I went in with the curl and style milk, which has a pump so easy to apply in the shower without water getting into the product. This style milk was a lighter texture and again was soft and easy to glide through my hair making detangling easy.

I then went in again with a wide tooth comb to detangle as when applying twist outs you have to make sure there are NO tangles at all, this will make the style flawless when you take the twists out.

To seal the twists and create the hold, you need a gel-like product and Lottabody had the perfect formula for this in their 'Custard Gelee'. I applied this on top of the style milk generously!

Once my whole hair was twisted, I left my hair to air dry over night. I covered my hair with a satin scarf, bonnet and slept on my satin pillowcase for extra protection. Then when I felt my hair was 100% dry I applied some olive oil to my hands and slowly untwisted which left my with perfect waves!! 

To finish off the look I used my afro comb to add some volume!

I am so happy with my results and will definitely be using these products again! 

Check out the full tutorial here!


You can purchase the LottaBody products at the following outlets:

(The shampoo and conditioner are so NEW you will be able to purchase very soon stay tuned to LottaBody on social media @lottabodyuk)





'Amazon Fire Tablet' Review

Last month the lovely team at 'Ideas Network' gifted me with the 'Amazon Fire Tablet' which arrived at the most perfect time! I have recently published my book http://amzn.to/2q65zRF on Amazon Kindle so too have an Amazon tablet with Kindle built into it is perfect for me to test out reading my ebook.

This tablet is so light! It is the perfect size and weight to fit in your handbag and great for travelling. I will be taking it with me on holiday this year. To give you an idea, it is much lighter than an iPad. I love the fact that in comes in a choice of colours from magenta (my colour), tangerine, black and blue, so you can add a more personal touch to your tablet.

As you can see you have a range of options of what you can do with your tablet, like your phone it is easy to navigate around and download a variation of apps. My current favourite apps to use on the tablet are TuneIn, Netflix (For when you are in bed or on travels) and of course the net for streaming shows and working on my blog.

The tablet hasn't got the best quality of camera (but I mean who uses a tablet to take pictures when you have your phone or camera). The sound is good enough for watching things in bed or on travels, but I would much rather listen to everyday music on the go with my phone.

This tablet is well suited for those who like to work on the go, travel a lot and like cute accessories! It is also one of the most affordable tablets I have seen on the market, at just £49.99!! 

Great present idea!

Overall if you are looking for an AFFORDABLE, lightweight, cute, well functioning tablet than the 'Amazon Fire Tablet' is defiantly one that i would recommend.

Learn more here: http://amzn.to/2q65AFa
Pillow cover in front photo available here: https://theethnicco.co.uk/products/kente-cushion-cover



Spring Curly Hair Routine

I just uploaded my Spring curly hair routine! A few changes from my last routine, as the weather gets warmer I am able to air dry again (safely lol) which always gives me greater results, I also now add extra volume with an Afro comb.

My staple wash and go combo is,

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil 'Leave-in Conditioner' http://amzn.to/2qQyjvA
SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil 'Styling Lotion' http://amzn.to/2pQY80x

Check out the full tutorial below!



Black Natural Hair BBC News Feature!

 I was asked a few months ago to help with an article that may be published for BBC News regarding the 'Black Natural Hair Movement' and it is now live on the front page of the BBC news website, app and top stories on the Google search page when you type "BBC News"

Amazing to wake up too!

The article speaks about the importance of natural hair to black women, the movement in the UK, the impact of natural hair bloggers/vloggers and acceptance by others.

You can purchase my book 'Get my curls back!' mentioned in the article, via Amazon Kindle and paperback here: http://bit.ly/GetMyCurlsBack

Happy reading :) 


Get My Curls Back! Book OUT NOW

Over a year ago I began writing a book all about my natural hair journey and tips on how to transition to healthy curly hair! This was due to me always wanting to create content and help for you guys but mainly because my most asked question is, "How do I fix my curls?"
Well today is the day that the book is finally ready and available to purchase on Amazon Kindle and paperback! 

You will learn how to stop damaging your hair, what products and routine will work best for you, how to maintain your hairs health and more! 

My hair has improved so much since cutting out the crap and learning how to properly care for my curls, now I have managed to grow it out longer than it ever has been and keep it detangled and moisturised for longer.

In celebration of the book release I am putting on an event in London on May 14th 7pm-9pm @ 3Thirty salon in Shoreditch. 

It will be an evening full of curl talk, music, drinks and fun! 

Want to join me? Make sure you purchase your tickets fast as the first batch sold out within 2 days! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has been on this journey with me from the very beginning and those who reach out to me daily for advice! This is all for you so please support and enjoy!



SheaMoisture Raw Shea & Cupuacu Frizz Defense Line Review

SheaMoisture Raw Shea & Cupuacu Frizz Defense Line

Have you seen this line around? It is now available in the UK in Boot's and Superdrug. I was able to try the below 3 products, read for my review and watch my tutorial below!

I love all of the SheaMoisture shampoos I have tried because I find that they are much richer than a lot of shampoos and have a thicker moisturising feel to them. They also don’t leave that sticky feeling on your hair after rinsing out!

The Raw Shea & Cupuacu shampoo was no different and this line has such an amazing smell it’s a delight washing your hair with it! I was able to detangle my hair easily with the shampoo and saw my curls define during the process. It is a shampoo that lathers and be careful as a little goes a long way with this product! My scalp was left feeling clear and curls were tamed (no frizz at all) after rinsing away.

The conditioner is the same size and packaging as the rest of the rinse out conditioners from all SHEA lines. It comes in a bottle like the shampoo but has a very handy pump bottle which was the best part of this product! It’s so convenient and my hands down favourite conditioner to use as co-wash, it’s just so moisturising and I am able to detangle my hair so easily with it (like the shampoo) Not to forget it makes you hair smell amazing too!
I have been through 3 of these conditioners for the past year and I always reach for it over any other products to co-wash and refresh my hair in the shower with. It’s scent always makes it a go-to co-wash for when I have been around others that smoke or have been frying food, it definitely helps to get rid of the lurking smell.

Never a fan of using gel as a leave in for a wash and go so I was a tad reluctant when trying this product, so much that I have tested it as a styler alone and again cocktail'd with my favourite leave-in conditioner (JBCO). I definitely got much better results when cocktail'd as my hair is very thick and prone to dryness 1 product often isn’t enough for me to get the best wash and go!
This gel however comes out like a cream and is watery enough to be packaged in a squeeze bottle as if it was ketchup (lol). It is quite sticky so although you may be tempted to use a lot as you would with a conditioner, you should only use a dime sized amount.
After applying to my hair in sections I let my hair air-dry and my results were very big and defined curls! However I did experience some hardness so I would recommend that you do not use a lot of this styler and to combat the hardness I scrunched my hair with some oil on my palms to “break the seal” this eventually softened the hair.
I would recommend this gel to someone with much finer curls than mine or someone who takes to gel as a styler well. For me conditioner and creams are the best product types for my hair.

Overall these are the best smelling products from the SheaMoisture lines I have tried so far and the best shampoo and rinse-out conditioner for moisturise and preventing frizz!

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